Test Equipment List


7854(2) With Calculating Keyboard. Bandwidth 400Mhz.
7903 Rack Mount. Bandwidth 500Mhz.
7904 Bandwidth 500Mhz.
7904A Advanced version of the 7904. Bandwidth 500Mhz.
2753p 100Hz-1.8Ghz Spectrum Analyzer.
465A Portable Delayed Sweep. Bandwidth 100Mhz.
604 System Monitor. Bandwidth 10Mhz.
TR503 Tracking Generator.

Tektronix Oscilloscope Plug-in List

7A16A(2) - Single trace amplifier. BW 225Mhz.
7A16P(1) - Single trace amplifier. BW 225Mhz.
7A18(4) - Dual trace amplifier. BW 75 MHz. Sensitivity 5 mV/DIV to 5V/DIV.
7A18A(4) - Dual trace amplifier. BW 75Mhz.
7A19(5) - Vertical amplifier. BW 600Mhz.
7A24(4) - Dual trace amplifier. BW 400Mhz.
7A26(2) - Dual trace amplifier. BW 200Mhz.
7B71(1) - 2ns to 5s/Div, 0 to 10X, delay mult, Triggering to 200Mhz. Delaying time base. Single sweep operation.
7B80(1) - 1ns to 5s/Div Time base, Triggering to 400Mhz Gives CRT readout of delayed time measurements.
7B85(3) - 1ns to 5s/Div Time base, Triggering to 400Mhz Gives CRT readout of delayed time measurements.
7B87(3) - 1ns to 5s/Div Time Base. Triggering to 400Mhz. Pretrigger when used with the 7854 mainframe. Very cool plug-in!
7B92A(5) - 500 pS to 0.2 S/DIV Time Base. Triggering to 500 MHz Dual time base, four display modes.
Blank(5) - Blank Panels for 7000, 500 and 11000 series.
067-0587-02 - 1Ghz. Signal Normalizer. This baby is cool!

Total 7000 Series Plug-ins: 36 -- More on the way!

Hewlett Packard

Model 3456A Digital Multimeter. Two units. Calibrated.
Model 3325B Function Generator
Model 3575A Gain-Phase Meter
Model 35677A S-Parameter Test set
Model 4195A Network/Spectrum analyzer with the 41951 Impedance test set.
Model 5328A 100Mhz. Frequency counter. Three Units.
Model 5370A 100Mhz. Frequency counter.
Model 5370B 100Mhz. Frequency counter. Four Units. Two are bad.
Model 59307A VHF Switch. Two Units.
Model 8503A S-Parameter test set. 2 units.
Model 8660C Synthesized Frequency Generator.
Model 8660A Synthesized Frequency Generator.
Model 86603A 1-2600Mhz. plugin for the 8660C
Model 86601A(3) 0.01-110Mhz. plugin for the 8660C
Model 86631B Auxiliary Section
Model 86633B Modulation plugin for the 8660C

GPS and Timing Related

Fluke Model 72, Distribution Amplifier
HP Model 58535A GPS L1 1:2 Distribution amplifier.
HP Model 58517A GPS L1 1:8 Distribution amplifier. Two Units.
HP Z3801A Frequency Standard
HP Z3801A Frequency Standard. Number 2.
HP 2654A frequency standard synchronizer
HP 59309A GPIB Clock. Two Units.
Hughes, Model 3084788, Time Code Generator (2 units)
Kode TCU 175 Time Code Translator/Generator (Backup Shop Generator)
Kode TCU 285 Time Code Translator/generator (Backup Shop Generator)
Motorola GPS Time Frequency Generator
Odetics GPStat Frequency Error Measurement System. Model: 345-200, Version: $VERS,19941004,1.20.03,33.1*11
Check out the live data from this unit by clicking here.

Spectracom Selector/Distribution Amplifier. Model: 8143
TRAK Systems, Model 8400C, Time Code Translator/Generator (Primary Shop Generator)
TRAK Systems, Model 8500, Time Code Translator/Generator
TRAK Systems, Model 8397-B, Time Code Translator (2 units)
TRAK Systems, Model 8384A, Time Code Generator
TrueTime 805-321 GPS Time Code Unit
SRC, Model 540, Time Code Translator/Generator
Satsync, Model 326, GPS Time Reference. Currently not working.
Systron Donner, Model 8155, Synchronized Time Code Generator
Unknown Model/Make 7 channel Distribution amplifier. Works Good!
Olektron 7423-01-7010, 6 channel distribution amplifier. Two units.

Other Test Equipment

Acopian V48PT5AF. 48 Volt power supply.
Astron RM20M Power Supply
Beckman Circuitmate DM850 Handheld Digital Multimeter
B+K LA-1025 Logic Analyzer
Calhad 45-739 Variac
EICO Model 324 Signal Generator
EICO Model 221 VTVM
Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter
Fluke 8400A Digital Voltmeter
Fluke Type 85 Distribution amplifier.
Fluke 895A DC Differential Voltmeter.
Fluke 1120A IEEE-488 Translator
Fluke 85RF High Frequency Probe
[3]Gould K100-D Digital Logic Analyzer. All manuals, cables, Timing modules. Very nice units!
Heathkit IM-5284 Multimeter
Heathkit IG-4505 Oscilloscope Calibrator
Heathkit IP-2711 Digital Power Supply. Currently not working :(
Heathkit Condenser Checker Model C-3

Kepco RMX 24-A 24V Power Supply
Kikusui PLZ-152W Electronic Load
Knight K-240C Digital LCR Meter
Leader LDC 125 1Ghz. Frequency Counter
Lafayette 99-5076 Multimeter
Lambda Rack Assembly. LJS-11A, LNS-Z, LNS-Y, LND-Y, LCS-B, LCS-A, LRA-17 (Rack Kit), LH-0V-4, L-6-OV, L12-0V.
Lambda LCS-4-5 5V 4.5A Power Supply
Lambda LV-E 5V 37A Power Supply
Lambda LP-523-FM, 0-60V 1A Power Supply.
Lambda LND-X-MPU 5V 7A, 9-12V 1.2A Power Supply.
LeCroy 9350A 500MHz Oscilloscope
Mercury Type 501 Component Substitutor
Mercury Model 1101 Tube Tester
Shenzhen-Mastech Model HY3005D-3 Triple Output Power supply.
I have made custom mods to this power supply. I have added a output cutout switch for all three outputs and cleaned up the front panel wiring. I am surprised that the power/transformer/regulator wiring is so neat but the front panel wiring is horrible.

Schomandl Dekadischer Steueroszillator 110-185 Mhz. Oscillator System. Beautiful Unit! RIP 6/2006 :( :( :(
Systron Donner, 5-1/2 Digital Multimeter. Model 7205
Sencore TF166 Transistor Tester
Sorensen Model QSA 48-1.2 35-60V power supply.
Spectrum Sciences Model 850 Counting System
Tektronix P6202A(8), P6230(Digital Probe), Probemaster and B&K Probes
Wavetek Model 1002, 0-500Mhz. Sweep/Signal Generator
Wavetek Model 166, 0-50Mhz. Pulse/Function Generator