Online Picture and Manual Gallery

Family and baby pictures. Updated 2/2007

HP5370B Programming Manual
Section 3.29 GPIB Programming the Counter.
[Updated March 12 2004]

March 2004 Projects
Pictures of the PCB prototype, Linux GPIB connection to my intruments, and current machine room pictures.
[Updated March 12 2004]

Home Pictures
Various pictures of hardware. Also parties.
[Updated May 11 2002]

Latest Machine room pictures
Pictures of the machine room
[Updated December 18 2002]

1977 Pictures
Here is what we looked like in 1977!!
[Updated May 11 2002]

Walking to work in the snow
We had a bit of snow in February 7 2003. This is my trip to work during that day.
[Updated February 8 2003]

SETICon02 - Set1
The SETICon02 conference was great. Here is the first set of pictures.
[Updated May 11 2002]

SETICon02 - Set2
The SETICon02 conference second set of pictures. Kon took these.
[Updated May 11 2002]

TAC2 Build
Photos of the TAC2 project in different stages of assembly.
[Updated May 11 2002]

TAC2 Build Hires
Photos of the TAC2 project in high resolution mode. Please be patient as they are rather large.
[Updated May 11 2002]

HP5370B Time Interval Counter
Check out my HP5370B pictures. Some photos of the internals and the output of the 8660C. Both are synchronized with my HPZ3801A GPS frequency standards.
[Updated February 6 2003]

HP5370B Time Interval Counter High Res
More HP5370B pictures in high resolution mode. This is a long download!
[Updated February 6 2003]

Antenna Pics
Photos of the GPS antenna build.
[Updated May 11 2002]

HP5328A Manual (tgz archive)
HP5328A Frequency counter manual in a single tgz archive.
[Updated July 2007]

HP5328A Option 011 Manual
Photos of HP5328A Frequency counter Option 011 manual. This is the GPIB option.
[Updated May 11 2002]

Motorola Time Reference Receiver Pictures
Photos of the Motorola Unit.
[Updated September 22 2002]

Mercury 1101 Tube Tester
Photos of the Mercury 1101 Tube Tester. User and Tube Charts Manuals.
[Updated March 9 2003]