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December 4 2014

WOW! We were offline for 7 years! Talk about lazy! Lots of things going on. Some personal, some work related, some family related.
My new company: Maxima Physics, Inc.
We will concentrate on doing work for the Beagleboard SBC
All new projects will be posted there. Shoot me a line for broken links.
The old company www.gs3tech.com no longer exists.

December 29 2007

More work on the EE projects, click here for the update.

December 10 2007

I've been doing major work on some EE projects and have been trying to do a re-design of the entire web site. I think I am getting there.

For the latest in my EE projects, click here.

August 09 2007

darksmile.net is now running on the hostmonster.com servers. There will be many links that are broken but I will try to fix most of that ASAP!
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