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Fury Interface
December 29 2007

After the first simulation of the Frequency Doubler I started thinking that using a part that has limited availability might be a problem. Well, Dr. Bruce Griffiths had the same idea.

He went further, by designing a circuit based on easy to obtain 2N3904 transistors.

Here is the analysis.

Bruce also provided a circuit that can be used to generate the FURY EFC voltage translation.

Here is the analysis.

I think this might be a good time to build a prototype... or two

Fury Interface
December 10 2007

I've been very busy lately with simulations of the Fury Interface Board. I want to make sure that everything looks good in theory I start building prototypes.

This is what I have so far.

First, let's have a look at the overall structure of the board. The first generation board was a starting step in the entire process. The members of time-nuts had many good suggestions and I decided to implement some of them.

Here is a block diagram of what the new board will look like:


And here are the simulation pages.

The Frequency Doubler

The Temperature Compensated EFC circuit

The Isolation Amplifier circuit

These are preliminary results. I will add more information as I complete more of the entire circuit.