Hardware and Software Systems Design

EE, PIC Programming and weblog.
[Updated Dec 4, 2014]

Precision timing hardware and software
TAC2 GPS clock assembly. NTP setup and configuration. High precision frequency standard via GPS PPS discipline. DarkGPS satellite display software.

EE Projects and News
Hardware and software projects
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GPS System data and graphs
Live graphs of the two HPZ3801A GPS Timing receivers and data from all GPS receivers at the darksmile site.

VIM configuration
VIM is used extensively here. Our configuration file adopts to our different platforms and special needs.
[Updated July 7 2003]

System information
Detailed information on the hardware and software used for our projects. Computers, test equipment and OS software are listed.
[Updated October 2005]

Pictures and Manual scans
Family Pictures (and baby!), Other Pictures, Images and Scanned Manuals.
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The darksmile.net Frequency Standard Statistics
Check out the details of how good my frequency standards are doing.

BOINC Network Computing
BOINC Einstein@Home Data
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Dynamic GPS Information
Receiver Date: 08/15/2016 Receiver Time: 18:34:03.659831 UTC
Local Date: 08/15/2016 Local Time: 14:34:04  Uptime: 0023:19:41
Latitude: +40.7619353 deg. Longitude: -72.9637208 deg.
Height: 29.95 meters Geometry: Position Hold
Receiver Type: Motorola  Receiver Model: UT Selftest: 0x00 Antenna: OK, Delay: 135ns
Satellites(Tracking/Visible): 8/11  Elev Mask: 5 PPS: On when tracking, UTC ref

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